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Why did I choose Neve?
Where do you find a school with so many choices and options? I was even able to move between levels as I advanced. The Rabbis helped me find the perfect schedule suited for me.
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How to contact Neve?
For your convenience, Neve has an academic office in New York where you can receive information about applying and answers to most questions. The office is open Mon-Thur. The phone number is 1-212-422-1110. General questions can be sent to

Neve Yerushalayim: Our Pride

Neve Yerushalayim has good reason to be proud - For the last forty years Neve's Jerusalem College for Jewish Women's Studies has played a major role in Jewish women's education, creating a revolution in Jewish communities worldwide.

We have over 1000 students studying at our Jerusalem campus every year.
We have satellite programs throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, and more than 30,000 women who have passed through our doors.
We have become the largest educational college network for Jewish women in the world.

Our faculty is composed of some of the most popular and world renowned teachers who lecture on a broad spectrum of topics.
Our magnificent campus is an ideal and inspiring setting for serious studies and personal growth.
Our Jerusalem campus boasts sixteen different educational tracks in English, Hebrew, and French.
Our alliances with prestigious universities in the United States make Neve the college of choice for women looking to increase their Jewish education while concurrently pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate, and master's degrees.
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