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Post-Shalhevet Applying

Medical Coverage
Students are urged to obtain, if possible, full medical coverage from home for their stay in Israel. Students, moreover, are required to enroll in an Israeli health plan. The health plan that provides coverage for hospitalization only (up to 90 days) in cases of injury or serious illness occurring for the first time in Israel, costs U. S. $50. This plan does not cover visits to doctors' offices, the cost of medication, or dental work. Another Israeli health plan that covers hospitalization, doctors' visits, and prescriptions costs approximately U. S. $1.25 a day. For students planning to stay for the summer only, it is recommended that they enroll in the health plan that costs $1.25 a day.

Application Procedure
Thank you for your interest in applying to the Post-Shalhevet Seminar. Click here to view the application, print it, and mail the completed form to the Neve Yerushalayim office in New York together with two photos and a U.S. $30.00 non-refundable application fee. The application form itself may be faxed to the Neve office, in which case the photos and check should be sent by mail. See below for address and fax number.

Late applications will be considered, but they must be received in the Neve Yerushalayim office no later than two weeks before the date the applicant expects to start classes.

Contact Information:
In America
Neve Yerushalayim
25 Broadway, Suite 403 New York, New York 10004
In Israel
Rivkah Menkes
Tel: 011-972-2-654-4510
Fax: 011-972-2-651-9376
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